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Live Cult (Music Without Fear)Live Cult (Music Without Fear)
Now available on DVD and VHS
Live concert footage recorded in Los Angeles in August 2001 at the end of the Beyond Good and Evil tour

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Beyond Good and EvilBeyond Good and Evil
Now available - Bob Rock, producer
Hugely anticipated and long overdue, the Cult's new album has finally been released!
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Pure CultPure Cult DVD
Anthology 1984-1995
A DVD treasury of music videos, early TV appearances, live performances, interviews and much more.
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Rare CultRare Cult
Limited edition 6-CD Box Set
90 tracks including many previously unreleased, 80-page booklet.
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Pure CultPure Cult
The Singles 1984-1995
A new Greatest Hits/Best Of collection. They're all here plus a few tracks not on their mainstream releases.
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The CultThe Cult
1994 - Bob Rock, producer
Raw, angry, edgy and more minimal than usual, it came when most thought they were done. It's odd and unnerving at first, but give it a chance and it'll grow on you. A lot.
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1991 - Richie Zito, producer
Hugely underrated and unappreciated even by many fans, it's one of the best. Tracks include styles of each earlier album, also a couple of strong ballads and a spiritual vibe throughout.
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Sonic TempleSonic Temple
1989 - Bob Rock, producer
Powerful, loud and perfect. The last album with bassist Jamie Stewart. There's more to the Temple with each listen... you either get it or you don't.
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1987 - Rick Rubin, producer
The hardest rock album and favored by the Cult's hard-core rock and metal fans. The band has always relied heavily on Electric material for live shows.
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1985 - Steve Brown, producer
The album that brought wide attention to the band, its heavy overdubs give it as much of a psychedelic glow as the goth feel usually attributed to it. 15 years later "She Sells Sanctuary" is still good enough to have yet another rebirth selling cars.
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1984 - John Brand, producer
Long unavailable and recently rereleased, singles and mixes of the first album's songs have always been big with collectors, and many are still played live.
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